Host Bitten By Shark While Vacationing


Melissa Chase co-hosts mornings for Summitt Media’s WURV-FM in Richmond. She’s on vacation in Sunset Beach, North Carolina this week where she’s really going out of her way to get some great content for the show when she returns Monday. Chase was bitten by a shark. Last night Radio Ink spoke to Chase about her wild and crazy summer vacation.

Chase and her two kids (ages 6 and 10) were “jumping waves” at their favorite beach in North Carolina when the incident took place. Chase admits they were probably too far out in the ocean when she felt something rubbery slide between her legs and bump her. “I knew right away it was a shark but didn’t have enough time to react before it bit down on my ankle.”

Chase said she freaked out but tried to remain as calm as possible so she didn’t scare her kids. “I totally mentally freaked out. But my kids were with me and you can only freak out on the inside when they’re around. I had to get the kids out of the water before they got bit. I yelled to my oldest that I got pinched by a crab and we had to get out of there quickly so she wouldn’t get bit. I was worried if I told her the truth that it was a shark she’d panic and try to climb on to me and that would bring her closer to danger.”

After making it to shore Chase’s friend, who’s a nurse, helped get the bleeding under control. The hospital confirmed it was a baby shark but they couldn’t tell what kind because the teeth were too small to see the shape. Chase was given a tetanus shot and an x-ray (to make sure there weren’t any teeth in the puncture wounds) and she’s going to be just fine.

Chase admits this is going to make some great conversation Monday morning when she returns to the show with her co-host Jack Lauterback.


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