Cumulus Suspends Morning Show For Sexist Comments


Cumulus suspended The Kimmer Show (Talk 106.7/Atlanta) for three days over comments made about Representative Lucy McBath. The comments had to do with Karen Handel running against McBath and the conversation was about gun control.

According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, host Pete Davis said, “You’re there to knock Lucy McBath back into the kitchen.” “Yeah,” said lead host Kim “The Kimmer” Peterson. “Go back to sewing stuff and leave my guns alone.”

Cumulus sent the following statement to CNN after the incident made national news: “”The comments made on The Kimmer Show regarding Representative McBath were unacceptable, offensive and not consistent with our values as a company. In accordance with company policy, Kim (‘The Kimmer’) Peterson, Host, and Pete Davis, Co-Host, were suspended and will apologize to Representative McBath.”

The show was suspended Monday through Wednesday and back on the air Thursday this week. This will all end soon anyway, Cumulus recently sold the signal to EMF and the format will be flipped to their K-Love format.


  1. CNN should be worried about why Lucy Macbeth while being a Rep. for the 6th District in GA, lives in Tennessee. There is the real basis for her complaint. You have to wonder why a person wants to be a Rep. ina State the don’t even live in? Maybe the people in her own State know her to well?

  2. Cumulus should have stood up for Kimmer and Pete. I am a woman, and if McBath is that weak that she can’t handle the JOKE, it should be on her, not them. She is probably more upset, bc she cant do either (cook or sew). I don’t hear Karen Handel whining and crying about silly jokes from the show. McBath, needs to toughen up or have a sense of humor.


  3. A lot of holier than though hypocrisy from management at Cumulus Atlanta, where promotions are based on who you are willing to sleep with. Wonder how Ms Mary feels about that?

  4. Kim Peterson has every right to say what he feels, only in a Twitter based society we have become so divided as a nation, we lost our rights to say what we want. Go Kim Peterson!


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