Radio Still Owns The Ear


Here’s more ammo to help you combat the naysayers who love to claim our 100 year old medium is on its death bed. On Thursday, Edison Research’s Tom Webster hosted an hour long webinar which mostly focused on podcasting.

Toward the end of the presentation Webster threw out some stats that showed, when it comes to audio, radio is still king. Edison conducts its Share of Ear survey four times every year. The latest data included 4,398 respondents, 13 years of age and over. Here’s what they listen to

Of all audio listened to:
45% – AM/FM Radio
15% – Streaming pure plays (Spotify, Pandora, etc)
12% – Owned Music
11% – YouTube
4%   – Podcasts

While the podcast number is quite small it is important to note that in 2014 that number was 1.7%. That’s 122% growth in 5 years. Webster says that growth in listening is probably coming from AM/FM Radio.


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