A Fresh Take On The True-Crime Podcast


PodcastOne’s newest show, First Degree, debuted August 15 bringing a fresh angle to true-crime podcasts, as stories are told through the eyes of someone who has just one degree of separation from the tragedy itself. True crime television producer Alexis Linkletter and investigative journalist Billy Jensen join forces with Jac Vanek, co-host of the immensely popular Ladygang podcast, to delve into murders, serial killings, cults, conspiracies and more. Guests will include victims, witnesses, neighbors, and anyone else directly connected to the crime.

“I’ve always been a true crime buff and armchair detective, so teaming up with Alexis Linkletter and her mentor Billy Jensen for this podcast is an absolute dream come true,” said Vanek. “The First Degree is conversational and will feel like you’re discussing these crazy stories with your friends over a glass of wine…except my friends both happen to be true crime professionals!”

PodcastOne Chairman and CEO Norman Pattiz said, “We’ve had such a great experience working with Jac on Ladygang that when she came to us with this idea, we were more than receptive. Now that I’ve heard the first episode, I’m absolutely convinced that greenlighting The First Degree was a no-brainer. With Billy and Alexis, Jac’s put together a great team with the kind of experience and credibility that you need for this kind of podcast. Thumbs up.”

To listen to the full podcast episode, visit: https://www.podcastone.com/the-first-degree-with-jac-vanek-and-alexis-linkletter or https://apple.co/2MPqrpe.


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