Generator or Reactor?


(By Randy Lane) How do you determine if you are a host or co-host? It comes down to whether your personality comes out best setting up content as a generator or your personality comes alive reacting to others.

Hosts are natural generators; co-hosts are natural reactors. Many air talents can be both, yet one role is almost always stronger than the other. Do you think your natural talent shines brighter in the role of host or co-host?

Being cast in the right role can make or break your career. We have seen exceedingly successful co-hosts leave a show to host their own and then fail miserably.


Most co-hosts are natural reactors and they get bogged down in the mechanics of hosting a show. In basketball, it’s like asking a shooting guard to play the point guard position.

Many co-hosts feel that that the ultimate level of success is to host a show. This is a misconception. The roles of host and co-host are equally important in the eyes of the audience. In fact, many co-hosts creatively drive a show’s content

It does enhance your brand to have your name on the show. If you must leave a successful show to get your name on the marquee, consider another show as the main co-host.

Are you maximizing your natural talents in your current role?


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