“Genius Kitchen” Filled With Delicious Content


Scripps Lifestyle Studios is launching a new digital, food-focused brand called Genius Kitchen, featuring a full site, social, and immersive app, targeted at 21- to 35-year-olds who grew up in an on-demand world and are obsessed with food. The new product can be sampled at GeniusKitchen.com, with the full range of content coming in October via Apple TV, Amazon, Android, YouTube, the Roku® platform, and Pluto TV, among others. Genius Kitchen will boast a mix of new and classic favorites, including GK Now; and it will go beyond entertainment to actually deliver recipes to viewers while they’re watching content.

“Digital food video is exploding, and younger generations are hungry for new and unique ways to ‘watch what they eat,’ so to speak,” said Kathleen Finch, Scripps Networks Interactive’s Chief Programming, Content and Brand Officer. “No other media company is better positioned to introduce this level of investment in premium food content.”


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