What if Hillary Spent More Money on Radio?


Things might be different today, according to a panel at the Radio Ink Hispanic Radio Conference on Tuesday. The panel was entitled, “What We Learned From the Election & Where We Go From Here.” The NAB’s Dennis Wharton pointed out that Donald Trump won a higher percentage (29%) of the Hispanic vote in 2016 than Mitt Romney (27%) did when he ran for President. Wharton brought some very interesting data with him that probably has Hillary Clinton kicking herself.

Wharton said, perhaps if Hillary Clinton purchased more radio, especially Hispanic Radio, things might have been different on election night. He gave examples of very close races for the President in Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin where Clinton spent no money on radio and lost the Hispanic vote to Trump.

His advice to broadcasters was get to know the political consultants who run these campaigns because they may just be looking at that big fat commission check when they place their TV buys and may need to be educated on the metrics of radio and how radio can help their clients. He says take them out to lunch and attend their conferences.

In 2018, there are 33 Senate seats up for grabs, 25 are held by Democrats. Those candidates should be spending money on your stations…if they really want to win.

We’ll have complete coverage of day to from the conference on Twitter Wednesday and in our Thursday morning headlines. Follow us on Twitter using the hashtag #HISRADIO17



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