Radio Is The Number One Reach Medium


That’s according to the latest Nielsen “State of The Media” report released Thursday. According to Nielsen, radio now reaches more Americans every week than any other platform, and that includes nearly every demo. Who says young adults are no longer listening to the radio? Nielsen says 93% of adult consumers over the age of 18 use radio on a weekly basis. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

In the 18-34 demo, Nielsen says radio reaches 92% of that population, compared to 73% for TV and 84% of smartphone users. In the 35-49 demo, radio moves up to 95%, with TV at 87% and smartphone users at 86%. And in the over-50 demo, TV edges out radio 92% to 91% with smartphone users at 60%. When combining all adults, radio stands tall at 93% with TV at 85% and smartphone users at 74%.
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Read the entire 18-page Nielsen report HERE




  1. If you say so, Bill.
    But you are almost correct about one thing: I am so righteously indignant about what owners have done to my incredibly and potentially ever more powerful and effective medium.
    As to my knowing more than the other guys: Indeed I do – a great deal more.
    I didn’t start out in this position but, scnitzel happens.
    Besides, modern ownership has been in the business of carving up and destroying the very potentials they could well use, especially since the medium still enjoys that “magic” reach.
    No. Modern owners are not even remotely interested in new strategies, new approaches and the new potentials that are available.
    I stand on that because nobody ever argues, challenges or debates the specifics with me – they just go all sophomoric and call me silly names. Nor am I “safe and hidden”. That’s my real handle and contact info.

  2. I don’t read the comments too much but every time I do, and on nearly any subject, Ronald Robinson is there with rather sneering, arrogant, “I know more than you ever will” comments on the topic. Robinson obviously hates today’s radio. He must have gotten fired and never rehired. No wonder, if his personal behavior is as obnoxious as his safe, hidden, on-line chatter. A shallow odd-ball with chest-puffed mannerisms

  3. Those marvelous numbers do nothing to demonstrate that radio has been doing anything at all to further its own cause.
    What Shelly-bo-belly (and I suspect- many others) fail to address is how, over the last 25 years, radio has been systematically gutted of talent, commercial creative and content-in-general.
    I insist there are opportunities to make massive improvements.
    And they won’t come from jumping on the “Wayback Machine”.
    Them “good ol’ days” weren’t all THAT good.
    It’s going to take NEW strategies and NEW approaches – none of which, I suspect, Shelly and others even believe are available. Dogma and the belief in the status quo can be absolutely debilitating – as radio continuously demonstrates.
    Pollyanna don’t live here anymore.

  4. A feeble attempt to align yourself with that which you disparage every chance you get, Robinson. If your warped thinking were valid, these Nielsen numbers would not be a third of what the study shows. You lose, Ronnie. It’s about time RadioInk wised up and deleted you for good.

  5. Nice to get further verification on what radio has been claiming for some time. Really.
    Radio, however, is steadfastly reluctant to exploit this extremely fortuitous position. It refuses to address the extraordinary lack of high quality services that are necessary to increase audience participation and to increase influence on behalf of advertisers who are getting the lowest-quality advertising. Advertising, by the way, that is being produced (mostly) by amateurs.
    A window of opportunity exists – right now. I can’t speculate on for how much longer it will remain open.


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