NextRadio Sees Big Growth In 2015


NextRadio saw “tremendous” growth in downloads, listening, viewing, and interactions in 2015. Some stats for the app, which enhances FM listening on cell phones: Overall listening more than quadrupled, rising 334 percent in 2015 compared to 2014. Average session length went up 25 percent, to 57 minutes, while average time spent listening via NextRadio went from 21 minutes to 26 minutes (compared to 13 minutes for traditional radio).

Views of the app’s Now Playing screen went up an impressive 1,153 percent year-over year; the screen shows visuals that align with the live programming at a particular station — the song on the air, program information, upcoming album releases, concert and ticket purchases, and more. Interactions with station content also rose dramatically, up 1,161 percent from 2014.

NextRadio President Paul Brenner said, “All of this progress supports the fact that consumers are finding value and a unique experience in the NextRadio app. These results further validate what the radio industry can achieve together when they offer a unified platform for consumers to listen, view, and interact with radio.”


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