NPR Series Wins Peabody

An NPR series has won a 2015 George Foster Peabody Away. The series revealed, for the first time, that the Pentagon exposed more than 60,000 African-American and Japanese-American troops to mustard gas to look for racial differences in reactions, and that the Department of Veterans Affairs broke their promise to find and help the affected men.

Radio Will Fight For Its Space In The Car

NAB CEO Gordon Smith opened up the NAB Convention in Las Vegas, Monday, with a speech that touched on issues concerning both TV and radio. Smith said radio’s future depends on it being available on every device and making choices that support its innovations. He said radio must continue to evolve to keep the Millenials engaged. He then discussed several other issues the NAB will be working on for radio.

The Best Ideas Come From The Local Markets

Culture changes and better communication were some of the topics discussed by three of radio's group heads at an NAB panel Monday, moderated by RAB President and CEO Erica Farber. The panel seemed to agree that the best ideas at a successful company come from the local people in the local markets.

Christian: No Dancing In The Streets

In a letter to shareholders filed with the company's annual report, Saga CEO Ed Christian gave a prediction like only Ed Christian could.

Cumulus Fires Hosts Then Sues Them Over Noncompetes

This one could turn out to be a lesson for managers on what they can and cannot do once they fires hosts who have noncompetes. And, we should find out if broadcasting over the Internet is considered competing with over-the-air. This battle comes from the Saginaw market where fired WHNN-FM hosts Johnny Burke and Blondie first filed a lawsuit against Cumulus, claiming age discrimination.

Pandora Hits $2 Billion Mark In Royalties Paid

On Monday, Pandora announced it has generated more than $2 billion in royalties for artists and songwriters, nine months after announcing it had hit $1.5 billion in royalties paid out.

Futuri Product Automates On-Demand Audio

Daniel Anstandig's Futuri Media has released a new product called Futuri POST. The technology automatically records, produces, and distributes on-demand audio for broadcasters.

NextRadio Integrates With PRSS For Public Radio Content

NextRadio is joining with the Public Radio Satellite System to introduce its new PRSS MetaPub Platform to integrate enhanced visual features and information from public radio programming into NextRadio.

iHeartRadio’s Summer Pool Party Returning To Miami

iHeartMedia announced Monday the return of its annual iHeartRadio Summer Pool Party to the legendary Fontainebleau Miami Beach on Saturday, May 21. The Pool Party is part of Fontainebleau's BleauLive concert series and will feature live performances by top artists.

Forbes: Pandora Fails at Strategy Shift

Contributor Will Burns takes aim at a new TV ad Pandora is airing during the NBA playoffs. Burns says the company is ignoring its own strategy of "anticipation" and the ad falls flat.

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