Cumulus Revives 99X In Atlanta

The format flip for Cumulus in Atlanta is to alternative rock. PD Greg Ausham says “99X will once again be Atlanta’s unique source for new music discovery. 99X will be a station rooted solidly in today’s artists and devoted to looking ahead toward what’s next musically.”

Important Dates To Remember

As you make a break for another 4-day holiday weekend, Broadcast Attorney David Oxenford wants you to remember several key dates coming up in January. The first is January 10, when your Quarterly Issues Programs lists must be placed in your public file. And then it's all about the election.
ESPN Radio

Bonneville Denver Flips To ESPN

The full lineup of ESPN Radio programming will be heard on Bonneville's 1600 (KEPN-AM) and 104.3 (KKFN-FM) HD 2, starting Monday, January 4. The station has been carrying Steve Czaban, Dan Patrick, Jim Rome, and programming from NBC Sports Radio.

iHeart Sports Talker In Houston Revamps Lineup

790 KBME in Houston announced a new lineup Tuesday. The station will now include live and local programming from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Paul Weyland - Radio

How To Deal With Predatory Advertising Agencies

Haven’t you had it with sneaky little advertising agencies snapping up your local direct accounts? You know, those people who used to work for your station, but now they have their own “advertising agency”? The ones who go to your clients and tell them they can buy commercials on your station for less than the client would pay if they dealt with you directly?

Your New Year’s Resolution

If you want to succeed in 2016, it will be up to you to seek out the good news, and see the glass half full. I’m not asking you to stick your head in the sand ignoring the realities around you. But there is no win in seeing the glass as half empty. The headlines will make certain you are not oblivious to what is wrong in the world. But it’s up to you to focus on what is right, if you want to be happy, and if you want to succeed in 2016.
Ron Robinson - Radio

Radio’s Corporate Clergy

Many years and tears ago, “research” was generated that confirmed (essentially) the following: Audiences wanted less jock and more rock. And, of course: Audiences hated radio commercials. As to the former: That was not high-quality research. It was, instead, a series of polls run on people who could not consciously define or report on their own values and motivations.

Happy New Year From Radio Ink

The entire staff of Radio Ink would like to wish our subscribers a safe and Happy New Year. After you receive your headlines on Wednesday, your next delivery will be Monday morning, January 4. If big news breaks we'll notify you by e-mail and on Facebook and Twitter.

KHKN FM Little Rock Rebrands As BIG 94.9

KHKN-FM is an iHeartMedia station in Little Rock. The station has rebranded as 'Bi 94-9 Little Rock's Greatest Hits' from '94-9 Tom FM.'

Mike Francesa Still Number One

Our 2015 list of the Top 30 Local Sports Talkers in America is out and once again WFAN's Mike Francesa is number one. Francesa has been with Sportsradio WFAN for nearly three decades now and he's been number one on our list since it began four years ago. Let's take a look at the entire list of The 2015 Top Local Sports Talkers in America.

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