Audiohook and Barometer Advance GARM Standards For Audio


Audio ad platform Audiohook is harnessing Barometer’s AI contextual targeting engine to introduce a set of brand suitability definitions that improve upon the existing Global Alliance for Responsible Media categories by tailoring them specifically for audio content.

The new brand suitability standards partnership between the two companies is designed to address the unique aspects of audio media, particularly podcasting, such as context and content length. Previously, GARM’s definitions were geared towards visual, user-generated content, which led to inconsistent applications in the audio sector.

The enhanced definitions include non-GARM categories like Natural Disasters, Gambling, and Occult, allowing advertisers to more accurately align their campaigns with specific brand values and requirements.

Barometer and Audiohook’s initiative began last year when Audiohook became the first Demand-Side Platform to integrate Barometer’s technology for pre-bid targeting.

Audiohook CEO, Jordan Bentley said, “We are thrilled to partner with Barometer to bring a new level of brand suitability to the podcasting industry. This refined framework offers advertisers a robust and nuanced approach to evaluating and aligning content with their brand values…This partnership marks a significant step forward in enabling advertisers to confidently scale their investments in audio, ensuring that brand safety and suitability are upheld to the highest standards.”

Barometer CEO Tamara Nelson added, “I believe in the importance of brand suitability definitions that can be easily related to the industry-standard definitions available for display and other channels. Clear standards ensure that brands can navigate the podcasting landscape with confidence in the context of their omnichannel buy. It’s not just about avoiding controversy; it’s about fostering trust and authenticity in every episode – ensuring that every brand’s message aligns with its audience. Barometer prides itself on being an ‘inclusive’ brand suitability solution, meaning that we strive to qualify as much content as possible for inclusion through an unprecedented understanding of context.”


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