LGBTQ+ Podcast Listening Trends Reveal Crucial Ad Opportunities


While brands recognize Pride Month throughout June, savvy advertisers would be wise to target LGBTQ+ audiences via audio during the rest of the year. New data on LGBTQ+ media consumption habits underscores the demographic’s love of podcasts.

The research, collected as part of Edison Research’s Share of Ear, revealed that US listeners aged 13+ who identify as LGBTQ+ dedicate 14% of their daily audio time to podcasts – an average of 40 minutes per day. This rate of consumption is 48% higher than the average for the overall U.S. population aged 13+, who spend 11% of their daily audio time, or 27 minutes, listening to podcasts.

The data further suggests that LGBT listeners engage with audio content more extensively overall, spending 16% more time daily with all audio sources compared to the broader population.

This trend points to significant opportunities for content creators and advertisers to connect with this audience through tailored and community-focused podcast content.


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