‘Radio Guy’ Turns Radio Consultant: John Fix Shares Strategy


John Fix, best known as Procter & Gamble’s “radio guy” from his eight years as a media analyst for the company, has now started his next chapter. Entering the consultancy world, Fix hopes to help radio from the other side and has shared his 5-Question Framework.

1. Does audio work?

This initial question challenges the effectiveness of audio as a medium by itself, confronting the myth that impactful advertising requires visual components. Audio advertising’s unique strength lies in its ability to engage listeners through storytelling and evoke imagery that can lead to strong brand recall. This element of the framework assesses how well audio can stand alone in creating brand awareness and engagement without the support of visual cues.

2. Can audio be planned and purchased at scale?

Scalability is crucial for integrating audio into broader media strategies. This part of the framework examines the logistical and strategic aspects of incorporating audio into media buys that often include more traditional platforms like television and digital. It considers how audio can complement other media to enhance overall campaign effectiveness and how it can be systematically integrated into media planning tools to streamline buying processes and optimize reach.

3. Are there creative best practices for getting audio right?

Creative execution in audio advertising is not merely about crafting catchy jingles but involves the strategic use of voice, tone, pace, and scripting to resonate deeply with listeners. This question probes the creative standards necessary for successful audio ads, such as the importance of matching the audio style and content with the target demographic’s preferences and ensuring that the audio content aligns with the brand’s overall messaging and values.

4. Can audio be measured?

With the increasing demand for measurable ROI on advertising spends, this aspect of the framework addresses the capabilities and tools available for tracking the performance of audio advertisements. It looks into the integration of advanced analytics and attribution models that can track listener behavior, measure engagement levels, and directly correlate audio campaigns with sales lifts or other conversion metrics.

5. Is the brand properly set up for success?

This final question underscores the importance of a brand’s readiness to leverage audio effectively. It involves evaluating whether a brand has established a strong and recognizable sonic identity that can be consistently applied across various audio platforms. It also considers whether the brand has the infrastructure to support ongoing audio marketing efforts, including content development and distribution strategies that align with its overall marketing objectives.

John Fix’s framework can be viewed more in-depth on the Cumulus Media/Westwood One Audio Active Group blog.


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