Herald of Radio’s Reach, Analyst John Fix To Retire From P&G


Procter & Gamble’s John Fix has announced his impending retirement from the company. Known as the “radio guy,” Fix has played a major part in P&G’s rise to become radio’s top advertiser through his famous “experiment,” becoming an outspoken proponent of the medium’s reach.

As part of P&G’s Media Team since November 2015, Fix worked his way up to the role Senior Analyst, where he specialized in the use of analytics and data to guide cross-media planning, buying, and forecasting. Fix posted the announcement on LinkedIn, saying, “We drive into the future using only our rearview mirror #retirement #retire”.

At the recent Radio Masters Sales Summit, Fix joined his friend and former Nielsen Audio Managing Director Brad Kelly to discuss the challenges and prospects of radio advertising. Fix doesn’t consider his five-year “radio experiment” a complete success. He emphasized the importance of timely and relevant data for brands and criticized radio for being too insular, urging the industry to understand how it fits into broader media conversations.

Fix also pointed out that radio lags in providing detailed data compared to other media channels, leaving advertisers “flying blind.” He expressed disappointment at the lack of negative feedback from the radio industry and stressed the need for more comprehensive information. Fix concluded by emphasizing the importance of asking insightful questions to understand how niche broadcasting can fit into broader marketing strategies.

Where Fix’s departure will leave P&G’s radio strategy is yet to be known. Fix goes in depth on his views on radio in the September print issue of Radio Ink.


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