Former RAB President Miles David Has Passed Away At 98


RAB has announced the passing of the organization’s former President and CEO Miles David. David led RAB from 1966 to 1983, a tenure marked by significant innovation and growth for the organization.

David’s legacy includes pioneering work in campaigns and promotional strategies that significantly raised radio’s profile among advertisers. Notable campaigns during his leadership included collaborations with comedic talents such as Stiller and Meara, Bob and Ray, and Dick Orkin and Bert Berdis to enhance radio’s connection with its audience.

David was instrumental in launching the memorable Radio is Red Hot campaign, which featured distributing iconic red transistor radios to executives, ensuring that radio remained a top consideration in advertising decisions.

Additionally, he played a key role in orchestrating the annual RAB/ANA conference in New York, which provided educational workshops for ad sales representatives across local markets and helped generate substantial co-op advertising revenue for the industry.

Current RAB President and CEO Mike Hulvey commented, “We were saddened to hear about the passing of Miles David…To this day, we honor and remember Miles’ tenure at RAB as numerous initiatives and efforts that he led and innovated continue to be some of RAB’s hallmark products and services such as Radio Sales Today, research Instant Backgrounds, sales training and the introduction of RAB’s sales and management conferences. He led a wonderful life of service and leadership and I personally thank him and am privileged to continue his legacy at RAB.”

Following his passing, former RAB staff members have expressed their deep admiration and respect for his leadership.

Former RAB Director of Station Relations Saralee Hymen Rosenberg added, “Miles David was my first boss after graduating from college in 1976 and I had no idea how lucky I was to get to work for such an extraordinary man. He was brilliant and innovative but also kindhearted with a great sense of humor.”


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