The Bet Parlays Its Way Onto A New Signal In Detroit


With the launch of Rob Parker’s Sports Rap Radio (WXYT-AM), Audacy has moved The Bet Detroit to the WXYT-HD3. The station, part of the broadcaster’s larger BetQL Network, first started airing in the market in 2021.

The Bet Detroit features The Daily Tip on weekday mornings, followed by BetQL Daily, Jim Rome, You Better You Bet, and BetMGM Tonight. BetMGM remains the exclusive sportsbook partner of the network, holding category exclusivity for all programming. Weekend programming runs from 8a until 10p.

The Bet’s former signal, WXYT-AM, is under lease from Audacy with veteran Detroit sports journalist Rob Parker at the helm, featuring an all-Black lineup as Parker envisions a platform that mirrors the community’s voice with a unique format mixing hip-hop and sports/talk. The Sports Rap Radio lineup features prominent sports figures, including former Detroit Pistons player and NBA coach Lindsey Hunter and three-time NBA champion B.J. Armstrong.

The BetQL Network distributes around 100 hours of original sports betting content weekly across 91 stations and various digital platforms including YouTube, Audacy’s website, and mobile app.

BetQL Network Vice President of Programming Mitch Rosen said, “With our strategic partnership with BetMGM, we’re committed to maintaining a robust presence in the Detroit market and beyond. Now, listeners nationwide can join in on the excitement through the Audacy app, making The Bet Detroit accessible anytime, anywhere.”


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