Stop Playing Darts in the Dark


Imagine you’ve been given 10 chances to try to hit a bullseye on a dartboard to win $500,000. You square up at the throw line, but just before you launch the first dart, you’re told, “Oh, one more thing.” And they blindfold you.

You try your best (Who knows? You may get lucky) and after the 10th dart, you take off the blindfold. You see one got close to the center, and two ended up farther out on the ring. The other seven? Buried in the wall.

That’s what it’s like trying to make a sale when you don’t know your audience!

You could have the strongest signal, the most charismatic sales team, and the biggest marketing budget, but if you don’t know what your audience really wants… it’s a shot in the dark.

Take off your blindfold at Hispanic Radio Conference 2024. During “Hispanic Radio and the Consumer Connection,” you’ll learn how smart advertisers effectively engage with Hispanic audiences and drive meaningful results for clients by putting the genre’s advantages to work. Univision Regional President Eric Garcia will lead the discussion with Nueva Network’s Grace Agostino, Curtis Media’s Shirley Davenport, and Harker Bos Group VP of Client Relations Katie Miller.

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Stop taking shots in the dark — find out how to leverage the full power of Hispanic radio this June in San Antonio with “Hispanic Radio and the Consumer Connection.”

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About the Hispanic Radio Conference

Celebrating 15 years, the Hispanic Radio Conference is an annual opportunity for in-person networking and sharing ideas in a multi-platform, multicultural world. For more information about the conference, which takes place on June 12-13 in San Antonio, visit the Hispanic Radio Conference website.


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