NABLF, Foundation For A Bright Future Pair To Empower Students


The NAB Leadership Foundation has entered into an innovative partnership with the Foundation For A Bright Future, a nonprofit focused on aiding underprivileged and underrepresented children, to provide sustainable career paths in media for students.

The collaborative effort will combine NABLF’s goal of drawing talented individuals to broadcasting and promoting inclusivity with FABF’s initiative of offering advanced dual credit programs to secondary students. The partnership will allow students to access the latest media technologies and leadership training, equipping them with skills necessary for future employment.

Initially, the partnership will concentrate on major markets including New York, California, Florida, and Texas.

In addition to enhancing educational access, the partnership will also benefit recipients of FABF’s Media Lab and Creative Arts Scholarships by providing them greater involvement in NABLF’s programs such as the Technology Apprenticeship Program, Emerson Coleman Fellowship, and Media Sales Academy.

FABF’s Media Lab aims to establish on-campus media facilities where students can produce various media projects, having launched in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City in 2023 with plans to expand both nationally and globally. The NAB Leadership Foundation supports this initiative with hybrid collegiate education and practical experiences like internships and media executive presentations, designed to promote diversity and leadership within the broadcast industry.

FAFB Founder and Chairman Louis Hernandez Jr. expressed, “I am thrilled about our collaboration with NAB Leadership Foundation and the potential impact it holds for empowering students in media education. This partnership signifies a pivotal step towards fostering a vibrant and inclusive media sector, opening doors for diverse talents to flourish and create a positive impact. Together, we are sowing the seeds for a brighter and more equitable future.”

NAB Leadership Foundation President Michelle Duke commented, “By joining forces with For A Bright Future, we will be able to scale our efforts in recruiting more young people to explore career-related education, specifically in broadcast technology, programming and marketing and sales. Facilitating internships at television and radio companies are the cornerstones of our academic programs, and it synchronizes beautifully with FABF’s goal of placing diverse talent in the world of creative arts and media. It’s an exciting time for our two foundations to work together.”


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