AM/FM Endorsements Give Liquor Brand’s Web Traffic 14.3% Lift


A recent AM/FM radio campaign conducted by Katz Radio Group for a liquor brand demonstrated significant success in boosting web traffic through the strategic use of DJ endorsements across two key markets.

The campaign, which leveraged local radio personalities to amplify the brand’s message, was analyzed by Katz Analytics using AnalyticOwl technology. This enabled a detailed assessment of radio’s influence on online engagement by correlating radio log times with spikes in the brand’s website traffic.

The results of the campaign were compelling, showing a 14.3% increase in web traffic directly attributed to the radio advertisements, which significantly exceeds the liquor industry’s average lift of 4.3%. During the days when the radio ads were broadcast, the brand experienced a 13.9% rise in web traffic compared to the weeks before the campaign’s initiation.

This positive outcome underscores the effectiveness of integrating local on-air personalities into marketing strategies.

According to the Jacobs Media Techsurvey 2024, 61% of AM/FM listeners turn in for personalities and that connection, especially for the Hot AC, CHR, and mainstream rock genres, with sports also ranking high for host value outside of music formats.

A Maru/Matchbox study from 2023 revealed that 90% of respondents appreciate the humor their favorite DJs bring, while 73% feel these personalities have a deep understanding of their local community. 64% of listeners were found to be intellectually engaged by their favorite hosts and 52% view them as friends or family.

Nielsen data further supports the effectiveness of this personal approach, showing that ads delivered by audio hosts capture more attention from 44% of AM/FM radio listeners and 56% of podcast listeners.


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