Rhode Island Attorney General Okays ‘The Public’s Radio’ Merger


Rhode Island Attorney General Peter F. Neronha has approved the merger of Rhode Island PBS and The Public’s Radio into a new entity, following a thorough review as mandated by the Public Radio Conversions Act.

The Office of the Attorney General conducted a detailed evaluation based on 31 statutory criteria, covering aspects such as governance, valuation, potential conflicts of interest, and public interest. The analysis concluded that the merger would benefit the community, supporting the continuation of valuable local media services provided by both organizations.

The merger application process began in November, with the filing by Rhode Island PBS Foundation and The Public’s Radio. Additional materials were submitted on January 12, at the request of the Attorney General. A public meeting for comments was held in February, with the review process being completed shortly after.

The Public’s Radio operates a main signal, WNPN 89.3, as well as WNPE in South County and Newport, WPVD-AM/W275DA in Providence. They also have plans for two upcoming stations: WNPW in Westerly and WNPK on Block Island. Torey Malatia of The Public’s Radio and David Piccerelli of Rhode Island PBS will serve as CEOs of the merged entity.

This review was led by Assistant Attorney General Stephen Provazza and Special Assistant Attorney General Alex Carnevale from the Public Protection Bureau.

Attorney General Neronha said, “Public media contributes uniquely and substantially to the quality of life in Rhode Island, and its ongoing vitality is critical. For many Rhode Islanders, PBS and The Public’s Radio have been important local sources of media and as a new combined entity, they will be able to sustain the value they contribute to our state. I would like to recognize those involved in this transaction – public stakeholders, the parties, and our team in the office who reviewed the transaction – for their attention and efforts throughout this process.”


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