Indianapolis’ Tony Katz Gets Syndication Deal With Key Networks


Key Networks has expanded its syndicated programming lineup to include the conservative political talk show Tony Katz Today. Starting April 22, the show will be available to News/Talk stations across the US from its flagship station WIBC in Indianapolis.

Tony Katz Today blends pop culture, comedy, and hard news to deliver engaging and aims to distinguish itself by focusing on moral rights and wrongs rather than purely partisan issues.

Katz, with a diverse background in entrepreneurship that ranges from selling pizza door-to-door to running restaurants and a construction company, has been featured on national networks such as FOX News, Newsmax, and CNBC, and has served as a consultant for various organizations.

In addition to his Tony Katz Today, Katz hosts the Eat! Drink! Smoke! podcast, celebrating gourmet food and cigars. He is also the author of Let’s Go Bourbon! and Let’s Go BBQ!

Key Networks Chief Operating Officer Dennis Green commented, “Tony brings a successful track record to the national stage with his common-sense approach to talk radio. When you have worked construction and the restaurant business, and have been a successful entrepreneur, you have a host who can talk the talk with audiences from coast to coast!”

Katz added, “There is nothing better than when everything perfectly aligns in life. And with syndication, having the full backing of David Wood and WIBC, and Dennis Green of Key Networks guiding the ship, I have that perfect alignment. I’m looking forward to working hard, proving my value to programmers and market managers across the country and providing a show, every day, that is fun and engaging.”


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