FCC Seeks Additional Comments On FM Geotargeting Rollout


As the FCC moves forward on allowing FM geotargeting for three minutes of every broadcast hour, they have initiated a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking with a schedule for public input for broadcasters to express their support or concern.

As published in the Federal Register on Tuesday, the FCC is setting a deadline for comments set for May 16 and for reply comments by June 17. This follows the Commission’s unanimous decision to explore changes that would enable FM booster stations to create their own content, pending the resolution of several implementation issues such as programming synchronization and notification procedures.

Additionally, the FNPRM includes discussions on whether to amend regulations to include mechanisms for addressing predicted interference during the pendency of booster construction permit applications. It also proposes a new rule that would cap the number of program-originating FM booster stations an FM station can operate at 25.

In a discussion with Radio Ink during NAB Show 2024, NAB President Curtis LeGeyt recognized the FCC’s prudence, due to possible adverse effects on local stations. He emphasized that local stations’ ability to serve their communities and maintain viable advertising models could be jeopardized by the unregulated application of micro-targeting technologies, which could undermine their unique local focus and competitive edge.

Other groups such as NABOB and GeoBroadcast Solutions are throughly in support of the measure. When the initial NPRM was approved, a GBS Spokesperson said, “We commend the leadership of Commissioners Geoffrey Starks, Brendan Carr, Chairwoman Rosenworcel, and the broad community of industry leaders, civil rights groups, and broadcasters who championed this issue and saw its potential to empower broadcasters to better serve their communities.”


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