Audacy To Develop Library of AI Voices For Radio and Ads


Audacy has partnered with voice AI specialist ElevenLabs on advanced synthetic voice technology for its programming and production processes. With this, the broadcaster aims to develop a comprehensive library of voices for on-air and advertising use.

ElevenLabs’ voice AI technology can produce realistic and context-aware audio in multiple languages. As the library is built, the broadcaster says it is implementing the AI voices to redefine audience engagement and streamline content creation, providing human talent with more resources to focus on high-quality content.

In February, Audacy expanded its partnership with Veritonic to enhance audio campaign effectiveness using Veritonic’s analytical tools across radio, streaming, and podcasts. In March, the broadcaster announced a partnership with Super Hi-Fi to introduce song-skipping and hyper-personalized content in its live radio streams. Super Hi-Fi’s HLS+ was added to Audacy’s portfolio of more than 700 stations.

Audacy Head of Programming Jeff Sottolano stated, “By experimenting with ElevenLabs’ synthetic voice capabilities, we’re transforming how we connect with our listeners and create value for our advertising partners. By streamlining workflows, this collaboration will empower creators with more bandwidth to focus on the exceptional content and listening experiences our audiences love and expect from Audacy.”

ElevenLabs Vice President of Revenue Carles Reina said, “Through our work with Audacy, we’re bringing new voices to life, making radio more diverse and accessible for everyone. This technology also means we can produce more creator-led content faster, keeping up with the speed of today’s world.”


  1. The announcement is interesting, and maybe badly timed. With the business world in 2024 appearing to look to chip away at human involvement and the big concern about AI, humans reading this information will react with obvious concern. Any company looking to improve its financial standing will make moves to save expenses. We haven’t heard how much “artificial” will be included in with “real”, and the proof will be in the AI pudding now, won’t it?

  2. You’re killing the listener experience by using fake voices that can’t create the same connection that a live human can. I won’t listen to AI voices.


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