Blast From The Past: The WABB ‘Denimachine’


Happy Friday! This week’s Radio Ink Blast From The Past features the WABB “Denimachine,” which cruised the streets of Mobile, AL in the early 80s.

Back from when station vans still had spoilers, the Coca-Cola sponsored ride was taken to many a remote and concert. WABB operated from 1973 until 2012, when it was sold to Educational Media Foundation.

Notable WABB alumni are Scott Shannon, Mike McVay, Randy Lane, and Leslie Fram.

We love sharing your broadcast memories at the end of every week – we even share the best in our print edition every month – and we want to see more! Carts, Reel-to-Reel Machines, and Turntables in your pictures are highly encouraged.

Send your Blast From The Past story and photo to our Online Editor Cameron Coats for your chance to be featured in Radio Ink.


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