Voicetracking Is Super Hi-Fi’s Latest Target For AI Optimization


AI-powered radio services provider Super Hi-Fi has unveiled its new Voicetrack Fusion product, with a full showcase planned for the 2024 NAB Show. This new tool is designed to streamline the voicetracking process by creating one interface for planning and recording.

Voicetrack Fusion integrates talent management, shift management, job assignment, and voice track recording into a singular interface, aiming to reduce the time spent on scheduling and producing voice tracks.

The program also includes syndications, allowing for the sharing of content across platforms and stations and automated alternative options for scheduling. The tool will also provide automatic mastering of any audio recorded within.

The new offering will be accessible through the Super Hi-Fi Program Director operating system.

Super Hi-Fi CEO Zack Zalon said, “When we’ve asked our customers what they want most from us, more effective voice tracking has always been near the top of the list. We crafted Voicetrack Fusion from the ground up to solve real problems, and to function as a power tool for unparalleled efficiency that we know radio teams will really love.”


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