The Total Solar Eclipse Led To A Unique Top Advertiser On Radio


The total solar eclipse cutting across the US had an unexpected effect in radio – it led to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration becoming one of the week’s top advertisers, urging drivers to take care during the eclipse, with millions of extra drivers on the road.

Rounding out the top five national advertisers for the week of March 1-7 was NHTSA with 37,738 airings, reminding drivers to plan travel in advance due to increased traffic, not to pull over in unsafe locations like the interstate, and for drivers to stay focused on the road during the total solar eclipse.

Otherwise, the Media Monitors list looked like usual, with Progressive Insurance again topping the charts with a total play count of 65,289 spots. Coming in second, Upside secured its spot with 48,551 ads. The third spot was claimed by ZipRecruiter, which aired 40,435 commercials.

Finally, Wendy’s returned to the top five with 39,539 spots. Notably, Jackson Hewitt climbed in the top ten with Tax Day one week away in the US, while Lowe’s dipped, in anticipation of increased spend later in the quarter.

NHTSA’s increased airplay not only reflects the trust and value placed in radio as a medium but also points to the strategic use of this platform to maintain top-of-mind awareness among a majority of Americans.

Top National Radio Advertisers - Apr 1-7 2024


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