Washington Broadcasters Find Radio’s Value At The State Level


Radio still holds great sway on a local level, according to a recent SmithGeiger study commissioned by the Washington State Association of Broadcasters. The survey of Washington state residents highlights the enduring trustworthiness of AM/FM.

The study reveals that local radio remains the preferred audio platform in Washington, with daily usage exceeding 5 hours across over-the-air broadcasts and streaming, marking a 34% increase over paid audio services. Of this group, 77% of listeners engage with terrestrial radio.

63% were found to listen to radio in their cars, 52% stream stations by smart speaker or computer, and 27% access streams via their smartphones.

The research also underscores the importance of local journalism, with more than half of the respondents placing a high value on community news reporting.

AM/FM is perceived as one of the most accurate and trustworthy media sources among Washington’s citizens, with radio being trusted by 57% of respondents. This figure is slightly under a recent national study that showed trust in the medium has grown from 60% to 63% across the US in the last four years.

Given its reach, advertisements on radio were found to be crucial in introducing new products and services to consumers.

SmithGeiger EVP of Media Strategies Andrew Finlayson discussed how the findings can be valuable to radio sellers, saying, “This research will help with setting up the important calls that can lead to a successful partnership with new businesses and deepen the relationship with existing clients.”

WSAB President and CEO CEO Keith Shipman commented, “It’s gratifying to see the majority of our state’s citizens recognize local television and AM/FM radio as leading the media landscape in truthfulness and accuracy.”


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