As Elections Near, Radio Is The US’ Most-Trusted News Medium


The credibility of the US media has seen a rebound, with radio leading the way as the most trusted source of news in the country. A Morning Consult survey found AM/FM trust has grown from 60% to 63% in the last four years, with podcasts having a massive surge.

Overall, radio sits far above the 55% perceived credibility in news media among US adults in 2023, but paces under the total four percentage point increase. This recovery is largely attributed to a significant shift in Republicans’ views, with several outlets witnessing double-digit growth in credibility.

Finishing behind radio’s trust comes network news newspapers, making up the top three.

Despite traditionally higher credibility ratings from Democrats, their perceptions have dipped slightly, whereas Republicans have shown increased trust in the media throughout Joe Biden presidency.

The overall increase in media trust contrasts with the past, where harsh criticisms from political figures like Donald Trump correlated with negative views of the media. The current administration’s less incendiary critiques, combined with the media’s critical coverage of the governing party, have contributed to a rebound in credibility among Conservative Americans.

Otherwise in audio, podcast trust soared, leaping from the least trusted medium at 27% in 2020 to more than 45% credibility, especially with Gen Z and millennials. This puts social media into last place as the least trusted place for news.

Mentioning Gen Z, the survey also highlighted a generational divide in media trust. Gen Z showed the lowest levels of credibility in major outlets compared to older demographics. This skepticism extends to traditional TV networks, many of which are less recognized by younger audiences, signaling challenges for the future of broadcast news.

Yet, the potential return of Trump to the presidency raises questions about the future of media credibility and the balance between short-term profits and long-term reputational risks for news organizations.


  1. Even hardened Democrats in ALL media have to admit to the utter failure of the Biden administration. Trump heading to the White House has me remembering those glorious days of lefties going out of their minds on election day 2016.


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