Tech Is Red Hot As Podcast Ad Rates See February Climb


After a steep drop to start 2024, podcast advertising rates climbed in February according to Libsyn’s latest data. Libsyn reports an average cost-per-thousand rate of $21.99 for a 60-second advertisement, marking a slight increase from January’s $21.61.

The rate mirrored the CPM from February 2023.

The top-performing categories in terms of CPM rates were Technology at $27, Education at $25, and Arts also at $25. Additionally, categories such as Fiction, Games, and Music presented more budget-friendly advertising opportunities, with rates averaging in the high teens to low twenties.

Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast marketplace compiles these monthly rates from actual sales data across its extensive network of shows.

Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast CRO Dave Hanley said, “As the Upfront advertising season approaches, it’s crucial for advertisers to strategically invest their ad dollars — and podcast advertising offers a prime opportunity. As one of the fastest-growing digital media channels, brand marketers have ample reasons to embrace podcast advertising as a cost-effective and trusted medium that delivers unmatched audience engagement.”


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