Audacy Trades Buzz For Bella In Portland


Audacy Portland’s KRSK has a new identity: Bella 105. The Hot AC station transitioned from its former identity, 105.1 The Buzz, on March 1. No talent announcements have been made at this time, with programming bulletins coming at a later date.

Bella 105 Brand Manager Jamie Tanchyk said, “We’re thrilled to unveil the next chapter of KRSK and introduce Bella to listeners in Portland and beyond. Making friends as an adult just got a whole lot easier! Your new bestie has arrived, and she can’t wait to share her favorite songs with Portland.”


  1. I Would like to know what happened to 1051 the buzz? I miss that radio station
    I would like it to come back
    Is it a temporary radio station? How long will it stay? Please let me know when the buzz comes back it was earth 105 and then Rosey came out in 1998 then 1051 the buzz started In 2003.

  2. The comments about Bella like she is a person are absolutely stupid enough that I can’t handle even listening to the station sometimes just because of that I like the music, however

  3. Good songs as usual but I love the morning show with Mike and Liz. Nothing replaces that witty banter between the two. You need to replace Bella because AI is so boring. We need the human connection that they brought to the audience. I have started listening to Sirius radio again 🥲 probably saved the stations bottom line but you are going to loose listeners in the process.

  4. Seems like it has a lot of good songs but I do agree that Bella does sound like a “gossip girl” in between songs at times.


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