NAB Outlines Four Facets Of Radio Its Fighting For On Capitol Hill


    In a time when local radio stations are playing an indispensable role in the fabric of community and democracy, the National Association of Broadcasters has outlined its key policy priorities for the 118th Congress, with a focus on AM, AI, and defending radio.

    The NAB opens with an overview of what AM/FM broadcasters bring to their local communities, providing essential news, information, and entertainment to audiences nationwide. With a focus on delivering verified news against the spread of misinformation online, broadcasters are trusted sources, committed to keeping citizens informed and engaged.

    They also act as first informers during times of crisis, utilizing the strength of broadcast infrastructure to disseminate critical updates to listeners and viewers, especially when other communication channels falter.

    Of course, the NAB’s lead issue for the legislative year is the AM For Every Vehicle Act.  Recognizing the vital role of AM radio in providing crucial information during emergencies, the NAB supports bipartisan legislation in both houses of Congress to preserve access to AM radio in vehicles. With both versions of the bill nearing critical majorities, the NAB vows to see the AM Act through to the end.

    Second, the NAB turns its attention to defending local journalism against Big Tech dominance. Local operators face challenges in sustaining journalism operations against an onslaught from companies like Facebook and Google. The NAB is calling for legislative action to address unfair practices by big tech companies, safeguarding the viability of local news publishers and promoting fair compensation for their content.

    Over the last year and three months, the impact of Artificial Intelligence on local journalism has become a major concern. As broadcasters embrace technological advancements, concerns arise regarding the potential misuse of AI in broadcasting. The NAB is urging Congress to assess the implications of AI on journalism integrity and intellectual property rights, ensuring that new technologies uphold the standards of trusted local journalism that have existed for decades.

    Finally, an old, unsolved issue for radio returns with the NAB continuing to oppose a new performance tax on local radio. Even as support for the American Music Fairness Act has all but died out, the NAB will continue to advocate for policies that protect local radio listeners and support the industry’s ability to promote new artists and provide diverse music content like the Local Radio Freedom Act.

    As the US political landscape continues to go through upheaval in a hotly contested Presidential election year, the NAB is using its Congressional policy agenda to underscore the critical role of radio in serving communities and uphold the integrity, accessibility, and sustainability of local journalism and broadcasting.


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