Dennis Green and Jeff Warshaw Sit Down With Chachi


Benztown President Dave “Chachi” Denes is back with two new episodes of his original podcast, Chachi Loves Everybody. The latest episodes feature interviews with Key Networks/Sun & Fun Media COO Dennis Green and Connoisseur Media CEO Jeff Warshaw.

In his talk with Dennis Green, Chachi explores Green’s extensive career, highlighting his early days in sportscasting, his role at Westwood One and Cumulus Media Networks, and his significant contributions as COO of Sun & Fun Media and Key Networks. Green also shares his perspective on radio’s future, reflecting on his journey from sportscasts at Indiana University to co-chairing the Radio Hall of Fame.

Jeff Warshaw’s episode features his remarkable story of building a radio empire from purchasing his first station during his sophomore year at Wharton to the sale of his company for $258 million. Warshaw discusses his entrepreneurial spirit, the strategies that propelled his success, and his views on the importance of local media and the impact of industry deregulation and consolidation.

Focusing on discussions with prominent figures in radio and audio, Chachi Loves Everybody is available on all major podcast platforms.


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