What Sales Winners Do When A Prospect Says ‘No’


(By Pat Bryson) Not every prospect we present a campaign to buys from us. At least, not always the first time. But, in our business, we usually see the people who say no to us again. We live to present another day! 

What can we do to set ourselves up for a more favorable conclusion in the future? What do the 20% who write 80% of the business do?

They say “Thank You” for the loss!

Wow, no one says, “Thank you” anymore when you get the order, let alone when you DON’T. Except that 20% who write 80% of the business! 

Here’s your template:

Mr. John Doe

Dear Mr. Doe:

I want to thank you for the opportunity to present our campaign ideas to you. Even though you did not choose us to be a part of your current marketing plan, I congratulate you on your selection of radio (fill in what vehicle you presented) as a way to increase your business. I believe you will find radio (ETC) to be most effective, as hundreds of other businesses have done.

I hope your upcoming campaign may be very successful for you. I do hope that we may become a part of your marketing plans sometime in the future. Again, thanks for your interest in my station and thanks for using radio (ETC).



Clients will remember this. You will stand out from the competition. Next time you present, I bet you will have a favorable audience!

Happy selling (and losing)!

Pat Bryson is the CEO of Bryson Broadcasting International, a consulting firm that works with sales managers and salespeople to raise revenue. She is the author of two books, “A Road Map to Success in High-Dollar Broadcast Sales” and “Successful Broadcast Sales: Thriving in Change” available on her website. Read Pat’s Radio Ink archives here.



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