Radio Was A Prime Holiday Destination For National Advertisers


Advertisers gave radio a great Christmas present – the biggest national spot play week of the year, per Media Monitors. In the week leading up to Christmas Day, Pfizer surged to the top of the chart, reflecting a robust end-of-year market. Between December 18-24, Pfizer’s radio spots totaled a year-record 123,750 plays.

Home improvement retailer Lowe’s maintained its strong holiday presence, coming in second with 76,305 spots, following its lead the previous week.

Cell carriers held down the rest of the top five. Boost Infinite, which led two weeks ago, remained in the top three with 59,169 spots. Cricket entered the top tier after a long absence, securing the fourth spot with 50,864 spots. Straight Talk rounded out the top five with 43,513 spots.

The total spot play for these top advertisers amounted to a stunning 353,601, showcasing a vibrant radio advertising market as 2023 draws to a close. The sustained high numbers indicate advertisers’ confidence in radio’s reach during the festive period, a proven prime time for consumer engagement.


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