AM/FM Listeners Have High Holiday Spend, Ad Engagement


    Katz Radio Group’s 2023 Holiday Shopping Study highlights the significant impact of regular radio listeners on holiday spending. Listeners who tune into AM/FM radio several times weekly demonstrate a high likelihood of engaging with ad campaigns – great news for competitive holiday advertisers.

    The study, which surveyed 1,000 US adults, revealed that 85% of regular radio listeners actively participate in the holiday season. Their shopping lists are more extensive compared to other consumer groups, with 20% engaging in considerable holiday shopping. This figure is 17% higher than the average adult and almost double compared to light and non-radio listeners.

    In terms of spending, regular radio listeners plan to spend an average of $626 during the holiday season, outdoing the average adult by $72 and surpassing light and non-radio listeners by $241 per person, indicating substantial purchasing power. To effectively tap into this market, brands should time their investments in AM/FM. About 35% of top radio listeners begin their holiday shopping before Thanksgiving, and by Cyber Monday, over half have started their purchases.

    Katz Radio Holiday Spending
    (Katz Radio Group)

    Early advertising can keep brands at the forefront of these shoppers’ minds, however, opportunities still exist for influencing purchases closer to Christmas. 40% of radio listeners still delay their holiday shopping until December.

    A great place to target the most engaged holiday listeners? On holiday-centered stations. In a separate Holiday Music Study, Katz found radio emerges as the predominant source of holiday music. A striking 97% of holiday music enthusiasts appreciate local radio stations playing seasonal tunes, and one in three can identify a station in their area that broadcasts holiday songs.

    The universal appeal of radio during the holiday season is attributed to its accessibility during various daily activities. Whether in the car, at home, at work, socializing, or shopping online and in-store, listeners enjoy holiday music through radio. This presents a valuable opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers in festive, emotionally resonant environments, potentially influencing their openness to messaging and readiness to take action.


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