Programmatic Revenue Sets PodcastOne Record For Q2 FY24


PodcastOne experienced 121% growth in programmatic revenue for the second quarter of its 2024 fiscal year. This marks the highest programmatic revenue in the company’s history, with a significant year-over-year leap. For Q2 Fiscal Year 2024, PodcastOne delivered over 229 million programmatic impressions, a 79% increase from the previous year, and also achieved its highest average programmatic CPM, growing by 24%.

The company attributed the success to Adswizz’s ad-serving technology, capitalizing on the industry-wide shift towards programmatic advertising, and a diverse content portfolio.

PodcastOne Director of Digital Operations Ellie Andrews commented, “The growth of programmatic advertising across the audio industry represents the maturation of podcasting as both a cultural medium and an advertising strategy. Like display, video, or CTV, it has proven to be an efficient, effective, and scalable strategy trusted by listeners and advertisers alike. As a network that’s leveraged programmatic for more than four years, our growth and momentum are credited to the appeal of our programming, the successful relationships with our programmatic partners, and the collaboration across the industry to educate and evolve programmatic audio.”

President and Co-Founder Kit Gray elaborated, “In 2024 the podcast industry is poised to have over half a billion listeners with almost 50% of Americans admitting that they listen to podcasts. Time and time again it has been proven that advertisers can most effectively with cost efficiency reach consumers through our medium of podcasting.”


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