Realm and IGN Form Gaming Podcast Alliance


Scripted podcast developer Realm has entered a comprehensive partnership with gaming news and entertainment platform IGN. This collaboration will focus on the development, production, distribution, and monetization of numerous podcast titles. Additionally, Realm will now manage over 2,500 hours of IGN’s existing content, including unscripted podcasts like Nintendo Voice Chat, Unlocked, Beyond, and Game Scoop.

The most significant announcement of the deal is an adaptation of the video game High on Life into a scripted podcast. Known for its humorous narrative and unique sci-fi world with talking guns, High on Life was originally created by Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland. Roiland will not be involved in the podcast adaptation due to recent controversies and legal issues.

In an interview with Deadline, Realm CEO and Co-Founder Molly Barton said, “We’re deeply excited about the opportunity to partner with IGN… This deal is an organic extension of our commitment to fan-first storytelling and we believe in the extensive creative and business potential of this mutually beneficial relationship.”

IGN 1TwentyFour’s Karl Stewart added, “As a podcasting leader, Realm is a company whose commitment to innovation and creativity lines up with IGN’s vision for this explosive medium… We’re excited to get out into the market and start building together.”


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