Study Finds Radio Listeners Are MLB’s Most Engaged Fans


In line with recent findings about the NFL’s radio audience, a new study reveals that Major League Baseball fans who tune into games on the radio are significantly more engaged than the average MLB fan. The study, which saw Katz Radio Group survey 800 MLB fans nationwide, found that sports radio listeners engage more actively with content and are more responsive to brand advertising during game broadcasts.

According to the survey, radio listeners were 40% more likely to identify as “big fans.” They also attended games in person 43% more often than the average fan and were more likely to visit bars or restaurants to watch games. Radio listeners also showed a 71% higher engagement rate with baseball podcasts and were 24% more likely to follow MLB teams and players on social media. Additionally, they were 74% more likely to place bets on MLB games.

Advertisers also benefit from this heightened level of engagement. The study found that 72% of radio listeners notice brands advertising during game broadcasts, which is 22% higher than the average fan. Furthermore, 66% of listeners are more likely to use brands that advertise during their favorite team’s games, and 33% are more likely to have a better opinion of brands that sponsor their favorite teams.

The survey indicates that the medium of radio itself contributes to this elevated level of engagement. More than 7 in 10 MLB radio listeners tune in at least once a week, largely because radio is accessible on the go. A significant 91% of listeners agree that radio is a good way to follow games when they can’t be home to watch on TV.

More information from the study can be found on Katz’s Sound Answers blog.


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