Don Geronimo To Announce His New Radio Home Next Week


Personality Don Geronimo, who was terminated from his morning show on iHeartMedia’s Big 100 (WBIG) in Washington DC, has announced that he’s no longer under contract and is returning to radio soon. Geronimo’s firing was the result of inappropriate comments aimed at WUSA-TV sports reporter Sharla McBride.

Geronimo first posted on X on September 28, “I am thru contractual issues and ready to get back to work! Available Oct 1st, please DM me if interested. #radiolife” Then on Monday, October 2, he said, “Best day I’ve had since July 27. Return to the radio is imminent. Thx Stay tuned.” An announcement of his new radio home should come early next week.

The incident occurred in July while both were broadcasting from the Washington Commanders training camp. Geronimo’s comments towards McBride were considered derogatory and led to his immediate dismissal from the station. Geronimo has since apologized, stating that he deeply regrets his words and their impact on McBride.

In response, McBride conveyed her disappointment and embarrassment, emphasizing that no professional should have to face such disrespect in the workplace. Following the incident, the Washington Commanders decided to prohibit both Geronimo and his fellow radio personality, Crash Young, from broadcasting from the team’s training camp.


  1. Mike (Don)

    Not sure if you would be interested in announcing for me at live events but the crowd size would be 100 to 200k in attendance.

    Let me know if you’re interested.


  2. I hope Don is back on the air soon. I don’t understand why he never said that he thought he was off-air when he made these comments. He just thought the mike was off. It surely looked like that was the case. Besides, what he said was so innocuous. Please. He’s a politically-correct liberal from way back. He tries to be funny; not malicious.

  3. It does Not take much in Radio land to get Fired over just a small comment.That’s why I did mobile work and made more money then on air.Hang in there Don if you can…

  4. Poor Don, fired for calling a pretty girl pretty.
    Oh, the humanity!! Those ball less wonders at Big100 suck. Let’s hope he gets back on a real radio station not run by ass kissers. How sad.


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