Benztown To Host Free Webinar On Radio’s Digital Revenue


Benztown and Envisionwise are hosting a free webinar focused on enhancing digital revenue for radio stations. Keeping it Real in the Digital Age will feature key industry players offering insights into digital revenue optimization for radio stations. The webinar is scheduled for Friday, October 6 at 1p ET.

The event will be hosted by McVay Media President Mike McVay and will include Envisionwise Founder/CEO Jackie Parks, former Chairman and CEO of Greater Media Peter Smyth, and Sheri Lynch, who is the Co-Host of Bob & Sheri. The 45-minute session aims to equip radio professionals with specific tools and strategies to increase their digital revenue.

Topics to be covered include breaking through in a competitive market, maximizing marketing investment, understanding how digital transformation affects media brand management, and generating 20-25% of revenue from digital sales. The webinar will also explore how to build community in a digitally overwhelmed world and offer actionable digital marketing strategies for reaching both advertisers and listeners.

Anyone interested in attending can register here.


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