reVolver Podcasts and Santa Rita Team For ‘Camino Equivocado’


reVolver Podcasts is set to launch Camino Equivocado, the first in a lineup of five audio novellas, in collaboration with Mexico’s Santa Rita. The novella aims to engage a new generation of listeners with its tale of a young couple navigating personal and societal challenges, ultimately leading to the end of their relationship.

reVolver Podcasts CEO Jack Hobbs noted the increasing demand for Spanish-language drama podcasts and expressed enthusiasm for offering more content in this genre. Santa Rita President Luis Miguel Laris also shared that the partnership with reVolver Podcasts was a strategic move for proper content distribution.

Jack Hobbs said, “With Camino Equivocado, we are looking forward to showcasing historically tried and true dramas for fans of Spanish-language content in a modern and on-demand format. We’ve seen explosive growth and demand against this genre already and are pleased to be providing more options within the format for listeners of all generations.”

Luis Miguel Laris stated, “Proper distribution of good content in the media industry is key for success.”


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