AdLarge Joins Forces With Sounder and Flightpath For Podcasts


AdLarge, Flightpath, and Sounder have announced a collaboration in the podcast sector. The integration allows AdLarge to utilize Flightpath’s Sales Availability Dashboard for campaign planning, enabled by Sounder’s expertise in content classification for brand safety and relevance.

This collaboration aims to provide precision and trust at scale so advertisers can target contextually relevant and brand-safe inventory across AdLarge’s catalog. The integration streamlines the advertising process, making it more user-friendly and allowing publishers to forecast ad tags with confidence.

AdLarge SVP of Revenue Operations and Digital Sales Ilwira Marciszek said, “We are committed to providing the most effective and brand-suitable advertising options to our clients. Our partnership with Flightpath and Sounder is yet another way we are bringing to market tools that create innovative and unmatched solutions, transparency and continue to build trust within the entire process of podcast ad sales.”

Brittany Hall, Sounder’s Vice President of Sales and Client Success, noted, “This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the world of advertising, offering advertisers unprecedented control, precision, and efficiency in their campaigns, the same way they can in other mediums like display and video.”

Flightpath CEO and Founder Sean Howard stated, “AdLarge is a proven leader in the industry. By bringing together two complementary partners like Sounder and Flightpath, we can work together to create significant value for the agencies and brands that AdLarge serves.”


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