Salem Adds ‘Living to 100 Club’ To Its Podcast Arm


Salem Media Group has unveiled its latest podcast, Living to 100 Club, hosted by Dr. Joseph Casciani. A part of Salem’s brand, the podcast tackles healthy aging, including nutrition, lifestyle habits, and medical advancements.

Dr. Casciani, an experienced psychologist in long-term care, aims to answer questions on adapting and aging gracefully. He has previously received contracts from the California Department of Aging to develop mental health training for the state’s nursing homes. He is also the past President of Psychologists in Long-Term Care and has authored several publications including the Handbook of Health and Behavior.

“Psychologically, healthy aging is all about mindset, attitude, and outlook. I want my listeners to keep moving forward, no matter what gets in the way,” said Dr. Casciani. “In the future, I hope to expand my audience to reach those listeners who do not regularly tune in to these conversations. And I hope to provide the inspiration and education about aging well that may increase their engagement and connections with their family and community.”


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