Sounder & AMA’s A.I. Offering Wants To Give Podcasts Perfect Ads


Sounder has entered into a partnership with A Million Ads to merge its artificial-intelligence-enabled brand suitability and contextual targeting technology with AMA’s dynamic ad platform. The goal is to facilitate podcast advertising that is both brand-safe and relevant.

AMA Studio gives advertisers the ability to craft personalized ads for podcast listeners, leveraging data about their listening habits, demographics, and interests. The platform incorporates info from numerous sources, such as purchase history and location. Now, with Sounder’s contextual data for podcasts, the platform can generate ads tailored to each individual listener and tracked with a single tag.

The new technology is capable of generating millions of creative ad versions, and selecting the right one to play for each user at the right time.

Sounder’s Cofounder and CEO Kal Amin said, “This partnership will help advertisers reach their target audiences more effectively and efficiently, while also ensuring that their brand messages are only heard by listeners who are likely to be interested.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Founder and CEO of AMA, Steve Dunlop, stated, “Combining our industry-leading dynamic creative ad technology with Sounder’s contextual targeting expertise will provide advertisers with a more effective way to reach their target audiences on podcasts and increase podcast advertising’s scale.”


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