The Academy Museum Casts Off With LAist Studios


The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is partnering with LAist Studios to release the second season of The Academy Museum Podcast on June 15. Hosted by Jacqueline Stewart, the podcast draws inspiration from the museum’s galleries to explore pivotal and lesser-known stories in the history of cinema.

Titled “Close Up on Casting,” the new season delves into the role of casting directors and their influence on the success of films and actors’ careers. Each episode features interviews with casting directors and scholars, along with archival audio and exclusive content. The 10-episode season covers various themes, including the casting of iconic films like Rebecca, the impact of typecasting in the studio system, and the casting innovations of Marion Dougherty and Lynn Stalmaster during New Hollywood.

Listeners can access the podcast on the Academy Museum and LAist Studios websites, as well as on popular podcast platforms. The first season, “And The Oscar Goes To…,” explored behind-the-scenes moments from Academy Awards ceremonies, examining their social and cultural significance.


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