A Brazen New Network For Young Journalists


Journalism content studio Project Brazen has announced the launch of its new podcast network. Starting May 24, Brazen aims to provide a space for storytelling and journalism from a diverse range of creators and production companies.

The network will focus on high-end narrative storytelling and immersive non-fiction content targeting younger audiences, and fresh perspectives on business and the economy. Its portfolio currently consists of Project Brazen’s original in-house podcasts like Night of Show and Fat Leonard. Brazen is also seeking external partners looking for alternative distribution strategies.

Additionally, two sister brands, Sirocco and Ritually, will be launched under the Brazen umbrella, catering to Gen Z-focused international content and deeper connections to well-being and spirituality, respectively.

Brazen.fm and an Apple Podcast channel will serve as the network’s online hub for the network, offering a paid subscription plan, Brazen+, for those who want ad-free listening, early show access, and bonus content.

“Brazen is the product of two years of brainstorming about how to deliver the best content and journalism to an international audience through collaboration with our favorite journalists and creators,” said Project Brazen co-founder Bradley Hope. “The mainstream podcast networks – just like reigning streamers in video content – fundamentally misunderstand the creator economy era, which is about aligning interests and sharing risk. Brazen is designed to grow audiences and increase the viability of entrepreneurial journalists and creators.”


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