Rural Broadcast Voices Speak Up For AM


On Thursday, the NAB shared a letter from the Board of Directors of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting to Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow in favor of AM staying in automobiles. Sen. Stabenow is chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee.

The NAFB represents agricultural and rural broadcast stations, expressing their support for broadcast radio and addressing the removal of radio, particularly AM radio, from vehicles by some automakers. Rural America depends on AM as a critical source of information for farmers and ranchers who may lack reliable cellular or broadband access. It provides weather updates, crop reports, local information, and entertainment.

Eight out of the top 20 automakers in the US have already eliminated AM broadcast from their electric vehicles, and Ford plans to remove it from their non-commercial vehicle fleet in 2024. The NAFB requests Senator Stabenow’s assistance in conveying the importance of AM radio to auto manufacturers and urges them to keep this vital service in their vehicles, as it is essential for rural communities, not only during emergencies but on a daily basis.


  1. Isn’t it odd that nobody cared about AM until the car makers said they would follow the broadcasters’ lead and drop AM from their cars?


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