SXM Adds Prison Rehab Inspired Show


Inspired by “The Last Mile”, prison rehab program SiriusXM is ready to premiere “The Last Mile Radio”, hosted by TLM co-founder Chris Redlitz. TLM is a unique in-prison program that’s changing lives through technology-based education by preparing currently incarcerated students for careers upon their release.

Started in 2010, the TLM program teaches incarcerated individuals web development, audio and video production, professional and personal development, while offering a second chance at life. Along with Redlitz, The Last Mile Radio, is hosted by formerly incarcerated musician and audio producer, Eric Abercrombie (aka “Maserati-E”).

“I believe that people treat you the way they see you; that can be lethal when you’re not seen as an equal. In collaboration with the leading audio entertainment company in North America, we’ve created a platform for voices that have traditionally been silenced,” said Maserati-E. “As a justice-impacted man, I see this show as a means to build understanding that can ultimately lead to change.”

The program will premiere on March 4 on SiriusXM Triumph channel 111.


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