Skyview Networks Suffers Security Incident


An unauthorized person or group gained access to internal systems used by Skyview Networks this week, disrupting the delivery of the CBS World News Roundup and other programming to radio affiliates on Monday.

The issue was confirmed in an email sent to Radio Ink by Steve Jones, the president and CEO of Skyview, who said the company “experienced unauthorized access to its IT environment, resulting in interrupted technical services.”

“Skyview activated its comprehensive incident response plan,” Jones affirmed. “We have initiated advanced monitoring and threat detection across our systems and data. We have also involved industry-leading forensic experts to help us contain and investigate the incident. These efforts are fully underway.”

Jones said specific information about the cyberattack could not be disclosed at this time, because the investigation and response are still ongoing. “Our highest priority is the security and protection of all data, and we are cooperating with authorities on this matter,” he affirmed.

Stations were notified about the issue Monday morning when CBS News Radio sent a bulletin urging them to replace the slot where CBS World News Round would normally air with local programming, according to a copy of the message obtained by Radio Ink. Some stations were eventually able to obtain CBS News Radio spots, including the hourly bulletins, through other means while Skyview worked on the issue.

The problem lasted well into the evening, with stations unable to get access to some of Skyview’s other programming, including XYZ with Erik Zachary. Web portals used by stations to access spots and programming were down throughout the day, and equipment used by radio affiliates to obtain Skyview content experienced severe problems when reset, according to numerous station officials.

In a memo sent to affiliates on Tuesday and obtained by Radio Ink, Skyview warned stations not to reboot their XDS receivers while the company continues to investigate the issue.

Jones said Skyview apologized for the disruption caused to client stations, and that the company will “provide our business clients with service updates and request that, as you receive this information, you treat it with sensitivity as we pursue a successful resolution.”


  1. Skyview sends an email to Radio Ink, but depends on the networks to inform the stations that carry their programming? Unacceptable.


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